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Cynoteck was founded in 2008 and for the past decade has been working with global clients helping them with their technology initiatives through our core service lines of CRM, ERP, Mobile, AI, ML, Web, and Digital. Since our inception, and over the years, we have received Gold Partner status with Microsoft and achieved the ISO 9001:2008 Certification.
We have strategic partnerships with major players in the technology industry ranked among exclusive 2020 clutch 500 companies.
We have experience of more than 80,000 person-hours on projects and have completed all our projects with 90%+ Client Satisfaction ratings. Our major clients have been working with us for over 4 years and 3 out of every 5 new clients have worked with us on multiple projects. Through our CRM services and solutions, we have helped clients streamline their sales and customer relationship processes that have helped them drive revenue and achieve higher efficiency.

We have expertise with Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and Resco Mobile, Cloud CRM solutions, Artificial intelligence Solutions.
We have enabled many of our clients to convert their ideas into top-rated web and mobile applications that are being used by users worldwide. We have dedicated teams for all major Mobile Application Development platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Ionic. We have tremendous experience in Field Service, On-Demand, Uber-like, and School / Education Management Mobile App Development projects. We feel honored that one of the apps developed by us – Pilot Zeus on the Windows Phone platform was awarded the Best Field Service App for 2015 by Microsoft.
Our Web Development team is up-to-date with the latest technologies in the industry. We have strong teams for .Net MVC, PHP CMS, AngularJS, React, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and other OpenSource technologies and platforms. In 2016, we have started a new practice in Digital Marketing by forming a team for SEO and SMM projects and another practice for Emerging Technologies with teams for IoT, AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain Application Development.


How CRM improves customer experi... 21st May 2021

What is CRM Software? People think of CRM as just a sales tool, but it has various applications like managing marketing activities, managing Sales and Service, and more. Therefore, a business ...

How CRM improves customer experience.
21st May 2021

What is CRM Software? People think of CRM as just a sales tool, but it has various applications like managing marketing activities, managing Sales and Service, and more. Therefore, a business can benefit from CRM in numerous ways. A CRM is defined as a database within which businesses collect information of their customers – like customers’ contact information, and the records of customer transactions and interactions – to support the marketing and sales staff with getting and retaining customers.CRM software is an essential component in tracking your customers’ behaviour and requirement. It helps optimize sales processes, tech support, and customer service, and even your projects. Additionally, implementing customer relationship management can help in treating customers fairly and in resolving issues quickly. One of the greatest advantages of using a CRM system is in improving your customer’s experience with the help of AI. Because customer experience is one of the most significant aspects of any business to become successful. Here are the 7 ways ''How CRM improves your customer experience and boosts revenue''1.CRM keeps you in touch with your customer. It help you to notify the customers constantly about viable offers and news.2.CRM system provides access to valuable info regarding your cutomer preferences and habits. You can discover what kind of emails users normlly respont to, and in what product they are intrested.3. Another way of improving your customer experience is by ensuring that they get regular messages and support from your company. Creating a consistent experience helps improve your overall customer experience. CRM helps you achieve this by automating these processes.4. Around 70% of customers today utilize social media for customer service, making it an essential source of data for your business. Your CRM system can collect service requests or inquiries from all of your social media accounts, and can send them to one database. Using this approach, you will never miss an issue or inquiry, and you can provide anyone with the attention that they need. If you catch up with customers’ social media posts related to your brand and respond effectively, your customers will have a positive experience with you. 5.An unparalleled customer experience also means that you provide support and help to your customers when and how they need it. Customers today prefer online and quick communication when it comes to solving their problems and handling their complaints. CRM offers exactly that, as every request is logged into a central system that can be accessed online. As the customer sends a request, you can set up the system to automatically forward an email to notify the customer that you have received it. 6.Earlier writing down notes on a proper pad or tracking lead info in a spreadsheet used to be enough to get the work done. Not anymore, now you need to have a process for controlling the volume of customer data flowing through the business. Even if you have a small business, you can benefit from the powerful tools that a CRM offers to handle your data. Proper document management can be easily achieved by leveraging SharePoint Integration.7. Your sales and marketing departments are essentially the ones that drive revenue. When your teams can collaborate efficiently, your business will grow. Teams can work more efficiently with the help of a collaboration app like this one. Conclusion : In today’s world, customers expect an entirely new level of attention, they expect you to do business with them on their terms. Customers today want you to understand who they are, know their specific situations, listen to their needs, keep in touch with them, and provide immediate and attentive support.  With the help of CRM software, you can do all of this and more. You can personalize your communication, and offer relevant content and service by responding quickly to the requests of customers. This ensures that no question goes unanswered. This is what makes for a great customer experience. The above-defined 7 key ways can help you improve your customer experience. You can send automated emails, analyse reports, make your customer interaction consistent and personal, with proper data management, to boost sales and revenue. 

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